Feb 27

NGWSP Reaches 26.1 & 26.2 – Ojo Encino to Pueblo Pintado

Draft NGWSP Reaches 26.1 and 26.2 Vol 2 Technical Specifications

Reaches 26.1 and 26.2 Drawings for Waterline 90 Percent

Final Geotech Report 6916

NGWSP Reaches 26.1 and 26.2_BID SCHEDULE

Feb 09

Shiprock Campus Shop Job Opportunities

NECA has the following open shop positions at its Shiprock campus.

  • Shop Foreman (Valid Driver’s License (CDL Class A Preferred), 10+ years Mechanic Experience, Computer Literate)
  • Automotive Mechanic (ASE Certified, Valid Driver’s License)
  • Certified Welder (Valid Driver’s License)
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic with a CDL (Tech IV)

These positions will be on an OPEN UNTIL FILLED bases.

No phone calls please.

Please include a resume with your COMPLETED application.

Click HERE to download the NECA Job application.

Feb 08

Ganado Re-Chlorination Water Treatment Systems (Ganado, AZ)

Ganado Re-Chlorination Water Treatment Systems_Bid Documents

Feb 08

Halchita Water Treatment System (Halchita, Utah)

Halchita Water Treatment System (Halchita, Utah)_Bid Documents

Jan 25

NGWSP Reach 21 – Cutter

Cutter Reach 21 WWTP DESIGN BUILD 22×34 1-16-17

Jan 23

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System_Bid Documents

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System_Technical Specifications

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System_Drawings

Oct 28

NTUA HQ Office Complex


NTUA_HQ-100__Specifications_Vol 2





Jul 11

NGWSP Cutter Lateral Reach 22B

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Solicitation_R16PS01019

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Specifications

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Plans

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Geology Drawings

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Wage Determinations

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 1

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 2

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 3

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 4

Feb 23

NGWSP Reach 24.1 Turnout to Jicarilla Apache

NGWSP 24.1 Turnout to Jicarilla_Plans 90 percent 5-3-16

NGWSP 24.1 and 25_Contract Documents_Vol #1

NGWSP 24.1 and 25_Technical Specifications_Vol #2

NGWSP 24.1 Turnout to Jicarilla_Draft Technical Specifications – 90 percent


Dec 30



The Navajo Engineering and Construction Authority (NECA) is requesting proposals from law firms to provide legal counsel and related services pertaining to NECA’s business operations for calendar years 2016 and 2017.


The successful firm will be responsible for providing services related to Navajo Nation Law, State and Federal Law, construction law, employment/labor relations and litigation.


Copies of the proposal package may be obtained by contacting the NECA HR Manager at (505) 368-5151, no later than the close of the business on January 15, 2016.  All proposals shall be received at the address indicated in the proposal package no later than 5:00 PM, January 29, 2016.


Navajo Business Preference shall apply to any contract award under this request for proposals.

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