Apr 13

Towaoc Water Improvement Project

UMUT_Towaoc Water Improvement Project_Specifications

UMUT_Towaoc Water Improvement Project_Plans

Feb 27

NGWSP Reaches 26.1 & 26.2 – Ojo Encino to Pueblo Pintado

Draft NGWSP Reaches 26.1 and 26.2 Vol 2 Technical Specifications

Reaches 26.1 and 26.2 Drawings for Waterline 90 Percent

Final Geotech Report 6916

NGWSP Reaches 26.1 and 26.2_BID SCHEDULE

Feb 09

Shiprock Campus Shop Job Opportunities

NECA has the following open shop positions at its Shiprock campus.

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic with a CDL (Tech IV)

These positions will be on an OPEN UNTIL FILLED bases.

No phone calls please.

Please include a resume with your COMPLETED application.

Click HERE to download the NECA Job application.

Feb 08

Ganado Re-Chlorination Water Treatment Systems (Ganado, AZ)

Ganado Re-Chlorination Water Treatment Systems_Bid Documents

Feb 08

Halchita Water Treatment System (Halchita, Utah)

Halchita Water Treatment System (Halchita, Utah)_Bid Documents

Jan 25

NGWSP Reach 21 – Cutter

Cutter Reach 21 WWTP DESIGN BUILD 22×34 1-16-17

Jan 23

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System_Bid Documents

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System_Technical Specifications

Ramah Mountain View Estates Water System_Drawings

Oct 28

NTUA HQ Office Complex


NTUA_HQ-100__Specifications_Vol 2





Jul 11

NGWSP Cutter Lateral Reach 22B

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Solicitation_R16PS01019

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Specifications

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Plans

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Geology Drawings

NGWSP Reach 22B_Cutter Lateral_R16PS01019_Wage Determinations

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 1

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 2

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 3

NGWSP Reach 22B – Cutter Lateral_Amendment 4

Feb 23

NGWSP Reach 24.1 Turnout to Jicarilla Apache

NGWSP 24.1 Turnout to Jicarilla_Plans 90 percent 5-3-16

NGWSP 24.1 and 25_Contract Documents_Vol #1

NGWSP 24.1 and 25_Technical Specifications_Vol #2

NGWSP 24.1 Turnout to Jicarilla_Draft Technical Specifications – 90 percent


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