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Navajo Engineering and Construction Authority

Scholarship Program


It is the expressed objective of the NECA Scholarship Program that financial aid be provided to deserving Navajo students to assist them in completion of a college education.  We desire these students become productive, contributing members of the Navajo Nation.


Schools in the NECA Scholarship Program will be required to present to NECA staff, on an annual basis, their proposal of recipient’s for award of a NECA Scholarship to their school.  The proposed recipient’s must meet all of the eligibility requirements of the NECA Scholarship Program.  The NECA Board of Directors, at the Annual Board meeting, will determine how many scholarships will be awarded for the coming year.

Once a student has been awarded a NECA Scholarship, that scholarship may be renewed each semester based on the student’s academic performance the previous semester and available funds.  The scholarship renewal will be contingent upon the student continuing his or her education in the declared field of study, and maintaining the minimum grade point average required by the NECA Scholarship Program.  The renewal of NECA Scholarships to existing recipients will take precedence to new candidates.

NECA Scholarship Award will be made in the amount of $1,500 per semester to recipients selected by the schools in accordance with the eligibility requirements with the NECA Scholarship Program.  Once a student has been awarded a NECA Scholarship, NECA staff will work directly with schools to transfer the scholarship award directly to the participating school at which the recipient is enrolled, to cover the recipient’s expenses.  Scholarships awarded under the NECA Scholarship Program are intended to be used to pay tuition expenses and on-campus housing or dormitory fees.

It will be required of NECA Scholarship recipients that, at the completion of each semester, they provide the NECA Board of Directors with a written report,  detailing their studies and progress that semester.  NECA Scholarship recipients will be encouraged to maintain contact with the NECA organization, both during their college education and after graduation.


At the Annual Board meeting, NECA  staff will present to the Board of Directors a proposal on the number of scholarships to be awarded under the NECA Scholarship Program for the coming year.  If found acceptable to the Board of Directors, the staff will, as the scholarships are awarded, make transfers of the scholarship awards directly to the schools.

It is anticipated that Scholarship recipients will qualify to have their scholarships renewed at the completion of each semester.  Depending on the number of scholarships to be awarded each year, it may not be possible to award new scholarships until existing recipients graduate.  New scholarship awards will become available to new recipients after existing recipients graduate.